28 setembro 2009

niti and nyaya

"In constrast with most modern theories of justice, which concentrate on the 'just society', this book is an attempt to investigate realiztion-based comparisons that focus on the advancement or retreat of justice. It is, in this respect, not in line with the strong and more philosophically celebrated tradition of transcendental institutionalism that emerged in the Enlihtenment period (led by Hobbes and developed by Locke, Rousseau and Kant, among others), but more in the ' other' tradition that also took shape in about the same period or just after (pursued in various ways by Smith, Condorcet, Wollstonecraft, Bentham, Marx, Mill, among others). The fact that I share a point of departure with these diverse thinkers does not, of course, indicate that I agree with their substantive theories..." (Amartya Sen, 2009, p. 8)

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